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https://247equotes.com/8505881724 is a demo Site of 247equotes that provides Instant Quote to business.

Other customers will be at https://247equotes.com/TherePhone#.

A recent survey shows 100% of buyers now want to Self-Serve all or part of their buying process.

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We most likely discovered your web site among 200+ Million other Business Web Sites that have ‘Free Estimate’ OR ‘Free Quote’ OR ‘Call for Quote’ OR ‘Request a Quote’ on your sales flyer website.

  • Are you interested in reducing overhead costs in the Quotation process and achieving more sales?

  • Are you interested in an automated self-help INSTANT QUOTE system with tracking of your Win vs Lose Quotes?

  • Are you interested in getting better pre-qualified leads that have a sufficient budget for your Service or Product?

Do you have any of the following problems?

  • Are prospects never available as on another line or they do not return your calls from the messages you leave?

  • Are your quotes from your spreadsheet quote system 2-10+ times more than the prospects budget?

  • Have you lost 100's of dollars on a job when you discovered an error in the spreadsheet, because someone changed a cell that was not locked? g provider that a Sales Web Form with just contact info is the only economical way that exists. 

  • Were you told all you have to do is have a sales inquiry web form to collect contact info? However, it does not have sufficient info to do a quote so you spin your wheels getting the option answer so you can do a quote.  

  • Have some young buyers asked why you don't have INSTANT price like Amazon has?

  • Do you get frustrated with the wasted time playing phone tag to connect to the prospect?

  • Has it ever happened after you connect with the prospect you quote price is way beyond their budget? 

  • Or they indicate we are waiting on 2 other bides.  Or we already placed that order.

Do not listen to your Digital Marketing Agency or Web Hosting provider that a Sales Web Form with just contact info is the only economical method that exists.

Your Digital Marketing Agency or web hosting provided a sales inquiry form that does get the phone to ring and or some emails but the leads are not providing enough info to do a quote and it takes too much time to get the Option answers.

Are you providing quotes from your spreadsheet quote system or Quoting system, but you're wasting time just finding out you're not within their budget?

Does your company ever fall behind in follow up and when you do connect, they have already bought elsewhere? 

We have found that a formal system that tracks the Win vs Lost QUOTES improved the bottom line.

Tracking numbers helps companies to manage future changes so improvement can happen. 

Now with 247equotes you can track the Quotes Won vs Lost.

What would happen if tomorrow you had an INSTANT Quote System in place without the need to install anything that was bringing in more qualified leads?

What would happen if you reduced your overhead quoting time to get more qualified prospects that were ready to buy? This would reduce overhead quoting time, getting more qualified prospects that were ready to buy, therefore increasing your bottom line.

Your bottom line could increase up to 2000% now that you have more serious prospects by using 247equotes. 

We have a ROI - Return on Investment (all within 247equotes) Click Here to Start that will show For Every $1 You Spend on 247equotes the $ return you will receive.

Now prospects could find you with google search for example ‘Instant housekeeping Quote’. 

You will be able to track the number of Quotes Won vs Lost and more prospects ready to buy.

You cannot manage systems unless you can measure the numbers.

The Configure Price Quote-CPQ industry has been around for years.  Other vendors are selling to Fortune 500 where it is licensed to users at 77% more than our product that is open to the public if the vendor wants it open.