Patent 7,747,469

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Lee M. Hinman the inventor and  owner of the utility patent and patent based software is seeking Angel Venture Capital to launch the market place.

In year 5 or less it could sell for more than the $30M to $486M listed below in D. with a ROI of 5 to 126.

 A.      This patented method is a paradigm shift, for many other industries, to do what Expedia® has done for the travel industry.  Amazon does not compete against Expedia® and the other travel market places.  The reason is that the travel market places need answers to options questions like where and when before prices can be displayed.  The travel market places are large enough market that specific one of a kind program can be programmed for travel.  If a company wants to sell Product/Services with option questions no market places with side by side price comparison exist.  Only custom e-commerce sites allow for option questions with built in computation on the various option answers.  Some e-commerce sites allow for assigning a final price to one option question.

 This patented software allows those option questions to be defined to the software engine so many industries can be severed with products/services options questions in side by side price comparison and e-commerce without custom code writing

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