Ref # 247equotes Specification
1 Product Pages: Designed to allow search engines to fully crawl and index EVERY product page in your store. This can have a dramatic increase in site traffic from search engines.
2 Get New Order Notifications via email and also on your Cell Phone!
3 Support comes with 1 hour. With the supplied Startup sheet supplied to assist in collection your info & reviewing of Example01 you will complete your SCHEMA design. Additional support is available for a fee. Typically, the 1st one takes 3 hrs. then similar one can be done in 1 hr.
4 Patented 247equotes options defining and selection with associated prices assigned to each option then math applied for final price. Rules can be defined on allowed inputs.
5 When rules on data input or inter relationship fail it cannot be added to the cart so it prevented from allowing final check out.
6 Unlimited user defined specification questions with various types (decimal, float, integer, string, & drop down) stored in a XSD file for each part that uses CPQcart.
7 User defined math computation of interim math steps necessary for computing output or selling price in a XSLT file.
8 Avail
9 Customer & merchant receives e-mail confirming the order.
10 Administration maintenance program to add/change categories, parts, & images.
11 Administration WIZARD program to add/change XSD and XSL file which controls the questions, edits and math.
12 Search ability inside Manufacture, Model Number, Model Name, Product Summary, Product description stored in the database.
13 High performance catalog pages that use output caching.
14 247equotes utilizes3-tier ADO.NET data access using SQL stored procedures. This technology adds increased processing speed.
15 Internet or Intranet (based on how User Permission set).
16 Credit Cards processors NOT available.
17 Skin Based UI Customization: Store site styles can be customized by style sheets and parameter spacing of prompts, & questions.
18 Unlimited Categories:
19 Base Price plus options prices increase or decrease supported
20 Product Descriptions can include HTML formatting: We know that having complete control over each product description is important, and no two products are alike. You can use the administration site to enter product descriptions, or even link to fully custom external product description HTML files.
21 PENDING: Coupons & Specials for each template: Supports Coupon codes or other discount/special offers that you may want to be able to provide to customers, including "% off", "dollar discounts", "free shipping", etc.
22 Avail
23 CMS system parameter on Registration: None, verified (forcing Customer validation to reply to email with a code before allowed access to the site), Private, or Public.
24 Shipping Provider Settings with Min Max matrix.
25 Customer Order History Pages: Customers can get their prior order histories, check order ship date status, options details on Made to Spec items, etc all online. Presently this is without the Option selection.
26 More Information button can be on each question in the Schema Enumeration as an information page.  Pending Migration linking the external Product HTML Files Supported with automatic coupling back to the pricing engine. This requires external creation of these HTNL page
27 Avail
28 Installation of the application is done on the server type selected by our staff.  One hour of site overview and template instruction is provided.
29 If you need help writing the Schema beyond the 1 hour provided, we can provide that service for you at a fee.
30 Product Ratings & Reviews
31 Avail
32 XSD Rules based inter relationship to check between options that are required or not allowed between options.
user-defined checking ability with Min/Max inclusion/exclusion, exact, and pattern match within the XSD file.
§ Example if Length is > '102' then shipping cannot be by 'UPS' with <maxExclusive>, if < 6 <minExclusive>.
§ Then MinExclusive question is used to specify a minimum value for another question of the XML document, but the value specified is not acceptable. This applies to both numeric values and drop down; in the latter case, the acceptable range consists of all values following the specified one in the definition of the drop down.MaxExclusive is maximum valid value.
§ Example if Width is > '102' then packing cannot be by 'box' with, if < 6.
The inInclusive question is used to specify a minimum valid value for another question of the XML document. This applies to both numeric values and drop down; in the latter case, the acceptable range is the specified value and all following it in the definition of the enumeration.MaxInclusion is maximum valid value.
§ Example if packing = 'none' then shipping has to be 'Hold for Pickup' with.
The exact question is used to specify an exact value for another question of the XML document. This applies to all non-composite XSD types: numeric types, strings, and drop down.
§ Example of pattern if Country is 'US' the phone number format must be '850-123-1234' if 'Bulgaria' '00359-2-328709'with pattern.
The pattern is used to specify a regular expression pattern that another question of the XML document should match. This applies to all XSD types derived from the string type.