<< Prospects Flow >>

Prospects click on the Company main website link ‘Instant Quotes’ for a given Product/Service.

Step 1 Register or login

"Sign with your Google Account" with a Gmail Account in RED or Register for 1st time entry otherwise use past info.

Then A new window will open like shown below:

Step 2 Complete the option questions, Calculate Price, clear any errors

Step 3  then  a few more Questions, then you will get the Quote details eMailed to you.

Industries needing multiple option answers for Quotes spend too much time getting answers & quoting.  Patented 247equotes automates that with Cloud INSTANT $ Quotes with reducing the 8 Order Flow Steps to 3 & reduction from $15-$40/Hour to $0.045/Hour/Product 24/7, also more prospects from our marketplace.

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